What youtubers are vegan?

Some popular YouTubers who follow a vegan lifestyle include Freelee the Banana Girl, Earthling Ed, and The Vegan Zombie.

What YouTubers are vegan

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There are several popular YouTubers who follow a vegan lifestyle and advocate for plant-based diets. Three notable examples include Freelee the Banana Girl, Earthling Ed, and The Vegan Zombie.

Freelee the Banana Girl, whose real name is Leanne Ratcliffe, is well-known for her advocacy of the raw till 4 vegan diet. She gained popularity on YouTube by sharing her own weight loss journey and promoting the benefits of a fruit-based diet. Freelee became a prominent figure in the vegan community, encouraging her followers to adopt a high-carb, low-fat plant-based lifestyle. She believes in the power of whole, unprocessed foods and often incorporates bananas as a staple in her diet.

Earthling Ed, whose real name is Ed Winters, is a passionate animal rights activist and vegan YouTuber. He is widely known for his calm and logical approach in discussing topics related to veganism. Earthling Ed focuses on spreading awareness about animal cruelty, ethical treatment of animals, and the environmental impacts of animal agriculture. Through his engaging videos and public speaking engagements, he aims to inspire people to make conscious choices and transition to a vegan lifestyle.

The Vegan Zombie, also known as Chris Cooney, combines his love for horror and vegan cooking on his YouTube channel. He creates entertaining content where he cooks delicious plant-based recipes while incorporating a zombie apocalypse theme. His unique approach to promoting veganism through creative storytelling has captivated a wide audience. Cooney not only emphasizes the health benefits of a vegan diet but also highlights the importance of sustainability and compassion towards animals.


“Being vegan is not about being perfect. It’s about making better choices every day.” – The Vegan Zombie

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Here are some interesting facts regarding the topic of vegan YouTubers:

  1. Freelee the Banana Girl has written a book called “The Raw Till 4 Diet” where she shares her experiences and provides guidance on adopting a fruit-based diet.
  2. Earthling Ed founded “Surge,” an animal rights organization aiming to create a more compassionate world for animals through outreach, education, and advocacy.
  3. The Vegan Zombie has partnered with numerous vegan brands and organizations to promote products and initiatives that align with his values, such as cruelty-free cosmetics and food alternatives.
  4. All three YouTubers mentioned have faced criticism and controversy within the vegan community, highlighting the diverse perspectives and debates surrounding veganism.


YouTuber Real Name Key Focus
Freelee the Banana Girl Leanne Ratcliffe Fruit-based diet, weight loss journey
Earthling Ed Ed Winters Animal rights activism, logical approach
The Vegan Zombie Chris Cooney Vegan cooking with a horror theme

Identified other solutions on the web

With these 9 vegan YouTubers, you could learn a new recipe, empower yourself with positivity, or discover how to make easy sustainable swaps

  • 1. Rachel Ama Rachel embraces her Caribbean heritage on her YouTube channel with authentic recipes made vegan including salt fish made from palm hearts and Caribbean rum cake.
  • 2. Cheap Lazy Vegan
  • 3.Gaz Oakley ©Peter O’Sullivan
  • 4. Jess Beautician
  • 5. Madeleine Olivia
  • 6. Sustainably Vegan
  • 7. Helena Rose
  • 8. Earthling Ed

Furthermore, people ask

Who is the biggest vegan influencers?
In reply to that: Top 10 Vegan Influencers on YouTube

  • Nisha Vora – Rainbow Plant Life.
  • High Carb Hannah.
  • Sarah’s Vegan Kitchen.
  • Nikki Vegan.
  • Sweet Potato Soul.
  • Edgy Veg.
  • Simnett Nutrition.
  • Caitlin Shoemaker.

What are the best vegan YouTube channels?
5 YouTube Channels to Help You Through Veganuary and Beyond

  • Veganuary. 15.4K subscribers. Day 1 – Getting started with a vegan diet | The Veganuary Challenge 2023.
  • Make It Dairy Free. 223K subscribers.
  • Those Vegan Guys. 15.9K subscribers.
  • Pick Up Limes. 4.08M subscribers.
  • Cheap Lazy Vegan. 791K subscribers.
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Which celebrity influencers are vegan?
Answer will be: The Top Vegan Influencers on Instagram

  • Fearne Cotton.
  • Niomi Smart.
  • Marta Canga.
  • Jess Beautician.
  • India Reynolds.
  • Family Fizz.
  • BOSH!
  • Lucy Watson.

What is the strictest vegan?
Level 5 vegan
Level 5 vegans also avoid all animal-derived products such as eggs, dairy products, meats, fish and seafood, and will also avoid any food products where accidental traces of animal products may feature. They will also avoid leather, gelatin, and some food colourings.
What is a vegan YouTube channel?
Their YouTube channel boasts over 400,000 subscribers and focuses on wholefood vegan cooking with budget-friendly meals and weight loss plans. With several kids between them, they feature healthy snacks and lunches for children and hacks to pack veg into meals for the fussiest eaters around.
What are the best vegan recipes on YouTube?
As an answer to this: Hot For Food is a YouTube channel run by Lauren Toyota and it is one of the best vegan recipe channels on YouTube. Some of Lauren’s most popular recipe videos include cauliflower wings, tacos, pizzas, and nacho cheese. Lauren proves that taste is not one of the sacrifices you have to make when you go vegan.
Who is a Vegan Fitness YouTuber?
In reply to that: Brian Turner is another vegan fitness YouTuber. Brian has been weightlifting for 9+ years and has been vegan for over 5 of them. He is out to prove that you can get those gains while eating a completely plant based diet.
Who are the most attractive vegans on YouTube?
Widely considered one of the most attractive vegans on YouTube, the Tofu Goddess covers everything from pet ownership to freeganism and the recent trend of ex-vegans turning on the community (think all those “I quit vegan because…” declarations).
What are the best vegan YouTube channels?
The reply will be: 2. Pick Up Limes Sadia’s channel, Pick Up Limes, is among the most popular vegan YouTube channels – and rightfully so. Her gentle approach to food, nutrition, minimalism, and conscious living attracts not only vegans but also a large non-vegan audience, all of whom can get a glimpse of how simple and delicious plant-based meals can be!
Are vegan YouTubers on the rise?
With so many people switching to a plant based diet, it’s no wonder vegan YouTubers are on the rise. While many YouTubers do not eat animal products, a lot of the creators listed below keep their channels mostly focused on tips and tricks for making a vegan lifestyle work.
Is there a vegan influencer on YouTube?
As an answer to this: If there’s one YouTuber or vegan influencer we’ve probably seen every single video of, it would definitely be Ed. We remember following him back when he just started his channel and were immediately mesmerized by his revolutionary approach (so much so that we even got him to write an article for us! ).
Why are vegan videos so popular?
Veganism is no easy feat in a world saturated with animal products, which is why these vegan videos are so impressive. Cooking tutorials allow you to watch YouTubers make some pretty tantalizing dishes that are 100% vegan. Other videos may feature thoughts and opinions on the ethics of veganism and the misconceptions and stigma vegans face.

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